Sunday, April 09, 2017


Pictured is Norway's national flower purple heather

Norway dropped the semifinals again and aimed all for a one big final. The international juries were brought back to judge the ten songs, handpicked from the recordbreaking 1.035 submissions and directly invited composers. The result was a very non-Eurovision like showing clearly NRK was aiming for something else than the standard Eurovision tune. Four of the ten international juries gave their full marks to JOWST while the other top marks were spread among three ther entries. The top-4 went to a superfinal where most of the televoters also bacled the duo and their Grab the moment, written by Joakim With Steen and Jonas McDonnell.

JOWST aka Joakim With Steen (27) is songwriter and producer. He has released a couple of singles, and remixed other artists singles. Alexander Wahlmann (31) is singer and songwriter. He's claim to fame is a runner up place in The Voice of Norway in 2012. Now they are grabbing the moment together for the Eurovision glory.

I must admit I didn't pay any attention to this before it won the Norwegian final. Even the couple of first hearing left me rather indifferent but then out of nowhere this started growing on me and now I enjoy it a lot. It's nicely modern and radio friendly, and something not so Eurovisionary, which in this case is a good thing. There's something hypnotic about this.... And I do like his voice a lot. A very strong 5/10 now but I have a feeling this could climb up still....

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