Sunday, April 16, 2017


Pictured is the national flower of Macedonia, poppy

Macedonia chose internally Jana Burčeska and also her song Dance alone amongst the over 100 songs submitted The curious rumour is she was to sing In too deep first, the Serbian entry but ... who knows? Anyways, the song is written by Borislav Milanov, Alex Omar, Joacim Persson and Florence A. Macedonia's aim was to have an entry of quality and dignified representation, that is modern and attractive. Time will tell if they succeeded.

Jana Burčeska (23) has experience in the Macedonian Idol  in 2011. Then she went on the usual festival circuit and tried to get to Eurovision in 2012, and participated in Skopje Fest 2013 and 2015 making herself known. She's also UNICEF Ambassador.

This is one of those very few entries that I got very excited first and then with further listenings it has dropped in the ranking. It has a cool 80's sound, it's catchy and joyful and you are singing along already in the second chorus. This makes me happy and it oozes good mood girl power. 
I've done the reviews based only on the studio versions and videos, before any live performances in promo events until now. Apparently she wasn't so convincing live but then again, the only two times that matter are the jury final and the live broadcast so she still got time to fix it all and give an outstanding performance. If she does, and considering most people voting will hear this for the very first time.... she might make a new Macedonian record beating both Elena Risteska and Kaliopi. 8/10

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