Friday, April 28, 2017


Today's the day we all have been waiting for all spring: Francesco Gabbani releases his third album Magellano. (That you can hear already in Spotify at least in Italy....)
Update noon: The album is already #1 in iTunes. Quel surprise!
This blogger is already in love with the graphics and photoshoot style he has opted for the promotion! The album includes nine songs, including obviously Occidentali's Karma and also Foglie al gelo, released already last year. 
The international version of the album Magellan includes also Amen, his winning song in the Sanremo Newcomers 2016. And the new single off the album is Tra le granite e le granate to be released as a video shortly, but you can already hear a bit of it here.
01. Magellano
02. Tra le granite e le granate
03. Occidentali's karma 
04. A moment of silence
05. La mia versione dei ricordi
06. Susanna, Susanna
07. Foglie al gelo 
08. Pachidermi e pappagalli
09. Spogliarmi

Check out the videos after the jump:

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