Saturday, April 29, 2017


EBU has released the jury members for the Eurovision song contest 2017 as always there are dozens of familiar names from the national finals, both artists and authors/producers etc but also plenty of real Eurovision veterans, have a look at the list below. Among other names this blogger is very pleased to see San Marino's Fabrizio Raggi :-) See the full list on

Albania 2008: Olta Boka
Austria 2016: Zoe
Estonia 2011: Getter Jaani
Finland 1987: Vicky Rosti
Germany 1982: Nicole
Israel 2001: Tal Sondak
Malta 1998, 2005, 2009: Chiara
Moldova 2009: Nelly Ciobanu
Norway 1974, 1976: Ann Karine Strom
Poland 2011: Magdalena Tul
Slovenia (1995, 1999): Darja Svajger
Spain (2001): David Civera
several from Switzerland:
 Daniela Simons (1986), Michael von der Hiede (2010) and Ivan Broggini (of Sinplus) (2012)
and also from Romania:
Luminita Anghel (2005), MIHAI (2006), 
Cesar Florin (2013), Paula Seling (2010, 2014)

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