Saturday, April 01, 2017


Pictured is Czech Republic's national flower rose

Martina Bàrta was internally chosen to represent Czech Republic this year. An open call was launched for the song and they received over 300 songs. Luckily they didn't pick up the most obvious, clichè Eurovision song but a song that suits her and is of the genre she usually performs. Respect for that!

Martina (28) is Czech jazz vocalist, musician and she plays French horn. She has studied both music and medicine, until music took her away. She's done musical and been part of a German Jazz trio and today she's active in duo Scotch and Soda based in Berlin, where she graduated from the Jazz Institute. She also performs regularly with a big band as well as Prague Film Orchestra. Her sister Kristina is also a singer and so is her brother Václav. She certainly hopes to top his 13th place in the semifinal in 2015.

Like I said earlier I give a high respect for Czechs for doing their own thing and not powing to some Melodifestivalen reject, even if this song isn't higher than 34 in my listing (I may want to stress it's the ranking at the time of wiriting this and come May it may be all changed, especially after the rehearsals start. Also my ranking has nothing to do with prediction!) 
She's a fine singer, and I like her voice. I also like the song, just not enough to have it higher. To me it sounds like a good album track more than an Eurovision entry. I enjoy hearing it but once it's over I hardly remember it exists.... Therefor only 3/10

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