Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The stage is building, the artists are promoing all over Europe and now the things are getting more concrete as we have the official rehearsal schedule in Kyiv. And yes, it does include Russia, let's see how that ends up filled.....

As always there's a lot going on behind the closed doors before and after the actual rehearsal on stage. Sweden is the very first one this year so let's have a look at their schedule for the Sunday, April 30:

8.40 Arrival at the Arena and safety instruction
9.10 In-Ear monitoring rehearsal
9.45 Arrival to the backstage
10.00 First rehearsal on stage (30 mins) behind closed doors
10.40 Viewing room (20 mins) to check out the outcome and talk about the changes
11.10 Make up and hair consultation
11.30 It's a wrap. The same procedure goes over and over to all countries.
The rehearsals will be followed by official press meet & greet,
Sweden 12.20-12.40, the others to follow every 40 minutes
(with 20 mins pause in between)

Sweden will be rehearsing for the second time on May 4:

9.00 Arrival at the Arena
9.45 Arrival to the backstage
10.00 Second rehearsal on stage (20 minutes) open for media
10.30 Viewing room (20 mins) - last chance to make major changes
11.05 Press conference (20 mins)
11.25 Done for the day (or rather free for more interviews etc etc)

Check out the more detailed rehearsal schedule after the jump:

April 30: From Sweden to Portugal (10.00-17.10) 1st rehearsal
May 1: From Greece to Latvia (10.00-17.10) 1st rehearsal
May 2: From Serbia to Ireland (10.00-17.50) 1st rehearsal
May 3: From San Marino to Israel (10.00-17.10) 1st rehearsal
May 4: From Sweden to Cyprus (10.00-18.30) 2nd rehearsal
May 5: From Armenia to Romania (10.00-14.40) 2nd rehearsal
            The Big5+ Ukraine (15.05-19.40) 1st rehearsal
May 6: From The Netherlands to Israel (10.00-16.40) 2nd rehearsal
May 7: The Big5+Ukraine (10.00-12.25) 2nd rehearsal
May 8: Semifinal 1 - dress rehearsal 1 (16.00-18.25)
            Semifinal 1 - dress rehearsa 2l/jury (22.00-00.10)
May 9: Semifinal 1 - dress rehearsal 3 (16.00-18.10)
            SEMIFINAL 1 - LIVE BROADCAST (22.00-00.10)
            Press conference (00.30-01.10)
May 10: Semifinal 2 - dress rehearsal 1 (16.00-18.25)
              Semifinal 2 - dress rehearsal 2/jury (22.00-00-10)
May 11: Semifinal 2 - dress rehearsal 3 (16.00-18.10)
             SEMIFINAL 2 - LIVE BROADCAST (22.00-00.10)
            Press conference (00.30-01.10)
May 12: Grand final - dress rehearsal 1 (15.00-18.00)
            Press conferences by Big5+Ukraine+JESC (18.10-21.00)
             Grand final - dress rehearsal 2/jury (22.00-01.30)
May 13: Grand final - dress rehearsal 3 (14.00-17.30)
             GRAND FINAL LIVE BROADCAST (22.00-01.30)
             Winner's press conference 

Curiously there is also marked from May 8 to May 13 a Pre show 21.00-22.00
..... whatever that means
Hosts and opening/interval acts rehearse evenings after these country rehearsals

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