Monday, February 06, 2017


Fabrizio Moro (41) returns to Sanremo for the 5th time. In 2000 he tried his luck in the newcomers with much of a success, but he came back in 2007 and won it with Pensa. The year after he was 3rd among Big with Eppure mi hai cambiato la vita. Last time he was in 2010 but didn't go that far. In between he has written Sanremo entries for Noemi (Sono solo parole) and for Valerio Scanu (Finalmente piove). This year he is back with Portami via (Take me away)
Born and raised in Roman suburbs (just like Eros Ramazzotti) provides him an endless insiration for his songs. He has also tires the Latin market singing in Spanish, like Situaciones de la vida and Linda como eres. He has also written songs for other artists like Fiorella Mannoia, Emma, Elodie and  last year's Samreo winners Stadio.  His 9th studio album Pace will be released after the festival. 

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