Sunday, February 26, 2017


Portugal's  Festival da Canção 2017 continues tonight with the second semifinal. Once again half the songs will proceed to the final after televotes and jury votes.
Last week's first semifinal offered very good songs, Portuguese songs not powing to europop and Eurovision clichès and one must give RTP credit for not taking the easy way out but offering Portuguese music that is not made to fit the Eurovision formula. If only more broadcasters went that way... (Another example is Iceland that has its own style and approach, but then again it's a bit closer to the main European style, perhaps). After all, also Finland won in the end by doing our own thing and not caring about Eurovision formulas.... :-) Let's see what tonight has to offer....

David Gomes - My paradise (jury 6+televote 6=12)
Lena d'Àgua - Nunca me foi embora (10+4=14)
Beatriz Felicio - Ao teu olhar (8+5=13)
Pedro Gonçalves - Don't walk away (4+12=16)
Helena Kendall - Andamos no céu (5+8=13)
Celina Da Piedade - Primavera (12+7_19)
Jorge Benvinda - Gente bestial (7+10=17)
Inés Sousa - Se o tempo não falasse (3+3=6)

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