Friday, February 10, 2017


Francesco Gabbani with his Occidentali's Karma is the favorite amongst Italian fans (and not only) for Eurovision song contest 2017 in Kyiv. But first he should win the festival or at least finish 2nd or 3rd to be even considered. And this could well happen.
It's a catchy uptempo song that at first glance seems just like that, even with the gorilla on stage but the lyrics reveal so much more. It's based on Desmond Morris famous study The Naked Ape, Gabbani explains:

"The song is very ironic because the irony is the spice of life and it is synonymous with intelligence, The song, although it has a catchy rhythm, it's actually very serious. It wants to be a critical  towards the contemporary habit of Westerners to copy the rites and oriental disciplines like yoga without understanding them at all, just because they are fashionable So I thought of a choreography: I wanted to play down these habit and manners."

Meanwhile he would already have gadgets ready to be downloaded from his website for Eurovision fans should he get that far! Not to mention the choreograhy - here's a video tutorial for the steps 
Being also funny, easy on the eye and always with a smile on his lips and being on stage like it was shis home wouldn't surely hurt his changes also abroad. Votate Gabbani!

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