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Last night the first award was given to Ermal Meta for the best cover., but tonight finally we will know the newcomers winner. Tonight also the expert jury enters the game being led by Giorgio Moroder. And his over 50 years in music will be tributed with a show number. And all the votes from previous three nights are now zeroed and it all starts anew for the ranking.
Comedian Virginia Raffaele makes a very welcome comeback, so does Luca Zingaretti aka Commissario Moltalbano. Ex-hostess Antonella Clerici is also present and tonight's foreign musical act is Robin Schulz. And Eros Ramazzotti's wife Marica Pellegrinelli. In today's press conference Conti has also reconfirmed he is not going to be doing Sanremo next year. Or the year after. Maybe sometime in the not so near future if asked. Shame. He's been great these three years.

Join me for some live blogging from 20.30 CET

20.50 Here we go. Conti enters with the newcomers finalists and explains the voting and televote opens!
20.53 Leonardo Lamacchia - Ciò che resta
It's a beautiful song and he sings well giving it the pathos and drama needed.
20.56 Lele - Ora mai
The pop boy with Napoletan passion delivers his song well. He works the camera and the little trick alternates with black'n white and color images. This would be Eurovision worthy.
21.01 Maldesto - Canzone per Federica
The singer-songwriter with very husky voice whispers through his song that has a lovely melody and he owns it. After all he wrote it.
21.05 Francesco Guasti - Universo
The hipster popster with a very raw voice seems enjoying his performance. After all he's living his dream: to be on this stage!

Kitonb provided a fantastic opening number
Maria is again very colorful....
... but who cares when she's getting funnier every night?

21.25 Ron - L'ottava meraviglia
This one still moves nothing in me. Not bad, but if I ever hear this again I don't care. But he's giving it all. being in the elimination round must have scared the sh*t out of him....
I'm not sure what's going on here tonight.....
21.30 Chiara - Nessun posto è casa mia
This one is growing on me. Very simple and acoustic, piano and voice and not much else for the most of the song. Despite that it has a catchy "ooh ooh ooh" chorus.
21.34 Samuel - Vedrai
This is one of my top favorites, top-3? top-5? We'll see where this lands in the end. And my favorite backdrop! Here too some camera color tricks.

21.40 Al Bano - Di rose e di spine
I still think this is like a Disney movie song. They are basicly all the same. A bit like Al Bano's songs. I have a feeling I have heard this a zillion times ago and his vocals remind me of the Whitney Houston concert in Helsinki, her last one when her voice was gone and you didn't know what to do; walk out or support every note she hit. Apparently the audience in Ariston decided on the latter.

Time for a grandpa hero in Nizza terrorist attack moment...

21.56 Ermal Meta - Vietato morire
He was a favoite and has become even more so during the week. And after winning the covers night yesterday. He has also said he's into Eurovision and has an English version ready already. Among other suitable songs to consider! He must have had an egoboost the past days as he's on fire! This is moving up to my top favorites. I'm a bit slow at times....

After this moment a Daily Crozza show. I don't get his humour I guess but judging the shares Italians love him. Maybe it's that I don't concentrate. I go to pee or make a snack when he comes...
Mea culpa?

22.09 Michele Bravi - Il diario degli errori
He's my surprise favorite, one of top ones. he did fantastic with Battiato cover last night - not an easy task! Great melody, great lyrics, original arrangement. He's the revealtion of this festival and will have a bright future. He could even go on more experimental way, follow the musical styles of Battiato, Alice and some others. He has something special to show, and respects the festival (unlike some others...) What's there not to love about him?
Enter Marica Pellegrinelli. And we end up talking about Eros Ramazzotti....
... and this goes on!
22.19 Fiorella Mannoia - Che sia benedetta
The biggest pre-contest favorite is maybe losing a bit ground. I still think she's a great performer and interpret, because she's not singing - she's intepreting this song. But the song is a bit like Al Bano's - a Fiorella Mannoia song, very predictable and typical for her. Will she win in the end? For sure she'll pick up the other award. Let someone else win. She's not propably able to do Eurovision anyways.
22.30 Clementino - Ragazzi fuori
I liked this the first time, then it's been going down the list unfortunately. maybe it's the Laura Pausini riff that makes me confused? Tonight's performance is very out of breath kind. Not helping the things at all. He might be out again....
Enter with standing ovation Antonella Clerici, who already hosted the show 7 years ago. After Carlo's confirmation he's not doing this anymore next year is this his way of promoting his possible successor? (With the excuse of promoting Antonella's new show on Rai1, Standing ovation?)
Hmm, why not? Antonella is fun!
22.42 Lodovica Comello - Il cielo non mi basta
Hmm, this one is maybe getting a bit better with further listenings? She's doing a decent job tonight (or am I just tired and tone deaf tonight?)  but this song isn't much. She's wearing tonight's color: red. Or is this fuchsia? Anyways, some color finally tonight after all that black with some white and some colorful tiny motives.
22.46 Gigi D’Alessio - La prima stella
Gigi still hasn't shaved and looks like tired vagabond, even with unbuttoned shirt that needs ironing. This happens when you leave your wife (Anna Tatangelo, btw) home in Naples instead of bringing her along to take care of you. This is a typical Sanremo ballad that could have competed here in any of the last five decades. But Napoletans will vote him en masse.
Enter Sandra Milò, 70 years of career.....
Or rather it's Virginia Raffaele doing one of her masterpieces. Love that woman!
And look, Bebbe!!! For the first time in like a zillion years he's not conducting the entries in the festival so he can just sit down and enjoy. He's missied though....
23.07 Paola Turci - Fatti bella per te
Paola is making a real huge comeback to the spotlight. She's never been away from music, just absent from television and festival. That means for some she doesn't exist. (A bit like Alice really). But here she is; stronger than ever. She's in white for a change. She's also up for Eurovision in case... One of my top favorites. Great stuff! Will she squeeze into top-3?
23.11 Marco Masini - Spostato di un secondo
Paola and Marco finished 2nd and 3rd in last night's covers. He was one of the pre-contest favorites but the momentum seems to be gone. He'll do well, but top-3? We'll see. The red night continues as also him has changed to a red jacket. This song is very atmospheric, one can imagine a cool video clip here.... Left side of the table of course....
23.17 Re-enter Marica with Eros' newcomers winning song Terra promessa playing in the background...
The results...Critic's award Mia Martini goes to Maldestro
Radio/TV award Lucio Dalla goes to Tommaso Pini
4th is Leonardo Lamacchia
3rd is Francesco Guasti
2md is Maldestro ...

so the winner is... Lele! :-)
So at least one of Maria's pupils brings home a palm tree :-)
This one well deserved though.
Read more of Lele here

23.30 Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma
This is my superfavorite, and this would be awesome for Eurovision, too. Let's see if he can make it. A top-3 is possible but difficult.
Not sure if the change of outfit mixing the naked ape thing will help but sure it was fun! And he was having fun on stage, the song is awesome and people were happly clapping away in Ariston. We'll see, By far my favorite!
From one fave to another: Luca Zingaretti aka Commissario Montalbano! One of the best fiction ever. And the good news is new episodes are starting shortly on Rai1 :-)

23.43 Michele Zarrillo - Mani nelle mani
I like this song, I like his voice. Not sure how well it will do in the end but he's still quite popular so I don't think he'll me among the eliminated ones tonight. On the other hand this is a classic Sanremo song, that for some means simply boring and dated. Oh well...
23.48 Bianca Atzei - Ora esisti solo tu
She's wearing again one of those messy dresses with various details and textures. Well, she's got her look line alright. I can't get over the idea this is some left over from Emma's debut album, that she rewrote and made better somehow. I mean Emma, not Bianca. She's also lost with notes tonight many times. If there is justice she's out tonight. But I doubt she is. More some mystic reason... And did she soak her hands in oinions before going on stage? #tears
Like because there's someone in Ariston shouting "Bravoooo!" after her song several times.
23.58 Tributo to Moroder by Karen Harding
Now this was an interval act in pure Eurovision style!
Giorgio Moroder, the president of jury is awarded a special award for his 55 years in music and countless hits.
00.08 Sergio Sylvestre - Con te
Sergione is the other big favorite by Italian Eurovision fans to represent them in Kyiv, however he's been surprisingly shaky in vocal department. The song is great though, not very Italian really but more like an American one with a hint of gospel. And yes, he's not quite there with the vocals tonight either. Shame. This could be so awesome. Still clearly on the left side of the table.
00.13 Elodie - Tutta colpa mia
Another Maria's pupil right after. Elodie has however surprised most everyone and is one of the favorites, also for Eurovision. Despite being reality star, and despite Emma she has conquered with her elegant of somewhat old fashioned song and interpretation. Sergio beat her in Amici final but here she's kicking his ass. And her boyfriend just won the Newcomers, she' must have got an extra boost for that as she's doing a marvelous job!
00.19 Fabrizio Moro - Portami via
This is another beautiful song, that needs further listenings to find out if it's really good or just another ballad. Not sure about the super raspy chorus, otherwise I like it. The song is written for his daughter. And he seems to be having a solid fanbase, too, so...
Carlo is looking very sharp as always. Maria is looking a mess as always
00.30 Giusy Ferreri - Fa talmente male
Giusy goes animal tonight but the song doesn't convince me after all. Her voice is all over the place and something in this is just wrong. Hard to say what it is but I'm not so keen on listening to this again.... 
00.35 Alessio Bernabei - Nel mezzo di un applauso
Last of Maria's pupils. And the worst one vocally by far. And today he has left the little voice he has in his dressing room. It's like the song: promises to start going but goes nowhere but keeps going the bridge over and over again never concluding anything. Like Alessio searching for his lost voice. Should leave the contest tonight but I guess teenage girls will vote him in anyways...

00.46 Time for Robin Schulz
After the show there's every night the Dopofestival lead by Nicola Savino. Also a lot of fun... if you don'thave to work the next morning....
Return of Virginia Raffaele, as herself
I just love that woman!
01.06 Hre are the results
Oh wow, this seems like an end of an era: three old timers out: Al Bano, Ron and Gigi D'Alessio, with Giusy Ferreri who has never been fortunate in Sanremo...
It's good night, buona notte with Newcomers winner Lele and Ora mai
He has lost a bit control of his voice and emotions with this reprise but then again, it's very understandable.
Tomorrow is the final! :-)

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