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The 67th Sanremo festival continues tonight with the second elimination round for the Newcomers ahead of tomorrow's final. Then we have the definitive elimination round for the Big, or two of the six acts that we the bottom-3 in the firts two nights will have a chance to convince the jury and the Italians at home that they belong to the final. The other Big are having some fun with cover songs instead.
Piccolo Coro dell'Antoniano, MIKA, LP,  actors Alessandro Gassman and Marco Giallini are there to promote their new film, comedians Luca and Paolo make a comeback to the festival. Models Anouska Delon and Annabelle Belmondo, both with important surnames are present as well. L'Orquesta Reciclos Cateura complete the cast. 

Join me again for the live blogging from 20.30 CET

20.50 Here we go again. I have decided to take it a bit easier tonight and spent most of the evening on sofa, following Sanremo every day since early afternoon with other shows on television with gossip and interviews etc, then pre and after shows.... This is like work! But we start right away with the newcomers like last night.

20.53 Maldestro - Canzone per Federica
I like this but I have two other favorites tonight so sadly he's out for me. And I don't think he's at his best tonight. 7/10
20.57 Tommaso Pini - Le cose che danno ansia
I'm loving this! This is my pre-contest favorite. And yes, he has brought in his staging. With Gabbani among Big he's the only one who has some sort of staging or choreography while the others just stand by their micophone like in the 1950's already. Theatral and funny. Ancd catchy! 9/10
21.01 Valeria Farinacci - Insieme
I don't know why she's here. There were so much more intereting and better submission. And her performance and vocals only underline her place is not here. Worst thing I've heard so far. 4/10
21.05 Lele - ora mai
My second favorite. A perfect pop song that wouldn't be out of place in Eurovision either. 9/10
And the results are here....Pini out!  WTF? This is a repeat of last night's Mirage out. Oh dear... And then Valeria out like it should be. So, it's a full male cast for tomorrow's final

21.22 The singing children have invaded Sanremo. They should be in bed by now.......
21.30 Maria wears the flowers of Sanremo tonight. Those that have disappeared 
from the stage years ago....
21.31 Chiara with Mauro Pagani - Diamante
Acoustic and simple
21.36 Ermal Meta - Amara terra mia
Falsetto singing
21.41 Ludovica Comello - Le mille bolle blu
She's got dancers!
21.41 Albano - Pregherò
Aka Stand by me 

Nicely after Albano on stage a midwife who has helped to the world 7642 kids. So far. She's 92, looks like 62 and still practising. I want to know her secret! And then after her L'Orquestra Reciclos Cateura. Cateura is a huge rubbish dump in Paraguay and yes, their instruments are made of things people have thrown away. Libertango

22.05 Fiorella Mannoia with Danilo Rea - Sempre e per sempre
Piano and voice. She propably cemented her victory with this cover like Mengoni did with Tenco's
Ciao amore ciao in 2013....
After la Mannoia the Crozza Daily. Time to fix some snacks.....

22.20 Alessio Bernabei - Un giorno credi
This translates to "One day you believe (that you can sing)"
The worst vocals of the festival 2017 so far....
22.25 Paola Turci - Un'emozione da poco
Step back Anna Oxa, Paola owned this.

Another very Eurovisionesque thing Sanremo is now having is the shots from the backstage after performance. And of couse the graphics that are, erm, inspired by Eurovision one could say...

22.34 It's time for MIKA! With an entrance worth of Azucar Moreno, the stage door on top of the stairs didn't open! Ha ha. Anyways, Italy has adopted MIKA. He has his own show, hosted in Italian btw, that has been just confirmed for a season on Rai2.
He has a bit of a musical speech talking about the colors of the world and rainbows and how they are all beautiful and how it's not right to say one color is better than the other. Interpret that the way you want. Then he explodes in a mdley if his song. A showman and entertainer 100%. 
With the weirdest falsetto there is....
He ends up his colorful set with an hommage to George Micheal with Jesus to a child.
And he sweats at least as much as Ricky Martin....  
23.01 Gigi D'Alessio - L'immensità
Beautiful orchestration
23.06 Francesco Gabbani - Susanna
A bit of Celentano imitation but he's adorable anyways

After him time for some actors and movie promotion with Alessandro Gassman and Marco Giallini

23.14 Marco Masini - Signor Tenente
The original was a real showstopper. One of the most touching and dramatic performances in Sanremo's history. This is a desperate try to remodernize it but it comes as a pale shadow with useless attempt to add a dance beat. No no no. Sacrilege. But the audience went totally crazy...
23.18 Michele Zarrillo - Se tu non torni
I like him. I like the song. But o´somehow this isn't working. 
23.23 Elodie - Quando finisce un amore
A classic. Sung as it should be sung.

Meanwhile Levina has apparently won the German selection for the Eurovision song contest with Perfect life. According social medias Germany is aiming for a new record: three last places in a row come May....
Belmondo & Delon version 2017. Below the originals
23.38 Samuel - Ho difeso il mio amore
Well. Nothing to say really.
Oh, Maria has changed from a decent dress to another ugly one....
23.45 Sergio Silvestre with Soul System  - La pelle nera
Now is this politically correct? 
And I don't mean Amici and X factor winners together in Sanremo.
23.49 Fabrizio Moro - La leva calcistica della classe '78
23.59 Michele Bravi - La stagione dell'amore 
I think Franco Battiato approves.
Time for some laughter. Luca and Paolo. I have a soft spot for them.

00.14 Time to staet the elimination round of the Big, call it Andra chansen or whatever

00.15 Ron - L'ottava meraviglia
He wasn't apparently amused he is here and not among the qualifiers. A pleasant song but does nothing to me.
00.19 Raige & Giulia Luzi - Togliamoci la voglia
They have changed into more casual wear, and it fits the song better. And no, they are not having an affair. Right.But hey, this sounds already much better!
00.24 Bianca Atzei - Ora esisti solo tu
She looks better tonight, her dress is better, she sings better but the song is what it is.
00.35 Clementino - Ragazzi fuori
Also Clementino sports a more casual outlook tonight. Now that someone pointed out a certain Laura Pausini vibe in the chorus I can't get it out of my head....
00.40 Giusy Ferreri - Fa talmente male
She looks so much better tonight; hair, make up, dress. She doesn't look particulary happy to be here though.But she belts out the song with great nonchalance.
00.45 Nesli & Alice Paba - Do retta a te
They look elegant but the song is crap. I suppose they are out tonight. Maybe with Atzei?
00.51 Ermal Meta wins the covers night followed by La Turci and Masini. What happened to La Mannoia?!
00.17 It's time of LP. Not Lena Philipsson sadly nor Laura Pausini but Laura Pergolizzi. Is she going to be the next Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga or a bit crazy American with Italian origins?
Actually I like her, must check her out better
01.11 It's time for the results. Curiously both duets are out so now on we have only solo artists in competiiton!
It's a wrap for tonight! Buona notte and good night!

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