Friday, February 24, 2017


As we know Francesco Gabbani's Sanremo winner and Italy's Eurovision song contest 2017 entry Occidentali's karma takes idea from the English zoologist and ethologist Desmond Morris book The naked Ape, published in 1967. The book has sold tens of millions of copies and it has become again a bestseller in Italy this month. But the faith is also Desmond Morris (89) has recently reworked an updated version of it to be published shortly. However he says it all still stands and all he had to do was to update some facts and figures. 
Morris who lives in Oxford declares to La Repubblica newspaper he's a fan of The naked Ape coctail (gold rhum, dark rhum, lemon and banana - I have to try that, Ed.note) and he adores Gabbani. 

"I listened to the song and it's wonderful, so rich with quotations. I also had to watch the beautiful video and for sure you will find me in front of the television in May to cheer Gabbani at Eurovision! I would love to meet him but sadly I can't travel anymore so maybe if Gabbani comes to England.... Some British journalist asked me after his win if it offends me. No, it's an honor! I have studied for years human gestures and what Gabbani does on stage and in video mixing the cultures and citations, it's rich and wonderful and very clever. The text is a masterpiece, comparable to best works of Bob Dylan and John Lennon. And I knew Lennon persoanlly and we often spoke about these things"

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