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Tonight Carlo Conti and Maria De Filippi try to repeat the success of last night. Another 11 Big artists will perform and the newcomers will start their competition with first eliminations. Two of them will make the final on Friday, while 8 of the Big will make it to Friday, while bottom 3 will have to try to make it in second chance tomorrow night. 
Keanu Reeves, Robbie Williams, Giorgia, footballer Francesco Totti, Biffy Clyro, magician Hiroki Hara, comedians Enrico Brignano, Flavio Insinna and Gabriele Cirilli, actress Sveva Alviti who plays Dalida in a new fiction are among tonight's guest stars

I will be live blogging and commenting again tonight so please join me at 20.30 CET.

20.49 The Eurovision tune goes off... here we go again! Carlo enters the stage and goes straight to the business and so do we: the Newcomers elimination round starts right away! Two out of four will be sent home....

20.53 Marianne Mirage - Le canzoni fanno male
She's propably the biggest favorite here. I wouldn't really mind if she did win actually, even if she's not my #1 favourite. Very nice pop song with interesting lyrics in a  way. She's dressed like another favorite, Fiorella Mannoia but Marianne has a cool red guitar. 8/10
20.57 Francesco Guasti - Universo
He finally made it all the way to the festival after being very close a couple of times. He's got a great voice, the song is very beautiful, love the piano! And he's the real moustache hipster! This said these newcomers are once again more interesting and better than most of the Big. Shame they are out of the Eurovison game! Also 8/10 for this
21.01 Braschi - Nel mare ci sono i coccodrilli
This is the weakest so far despite the interesting title.He also seems a bit nervous and not so convinced of what he's singing it seems. But there's worse around. 6/10
21.06 Leonardo Lamacchia - Ciò che resta
Another song that beats many in the Big category. A lovely ballad that grows and he sings it with passion. But only two can go to the final so I guess it's Mirage and Guasti.... 7,5/10
21.11 And we get the results right away! Braschi is out....
.. and so is Mirage! OMG and WTF? Oh dear..... Guasti and Lamacchia in final!

21.20 The show itself starts with some magic and effect by Hiroki Hara that puts Greta Salomè and Måns Zelmerlöw in shame.... And after Maria keeps making fun of Carlo by distributing keyrings with his face to the audience..... 
Maria ia again in black

21.27 Bianca Atzei - Ora esisti solo tu
I feel like I have nothing to say. This leaves me completely indifferent. Not good. Not bad. nsignificant? Maybe. Like a bad Emma song. 5/10
21.32 Marco Masini - Spostato di un secondo
This is also one of the favorites. It starts of with spoken verses, then the rhythm kicks in and a very catchy chorus. Beautiful piano, violins and midtempo beat. Then the last verses are again spoken. I'm liking this 8/10
21.36 It's Francesco Totti time. Italians and football.... Sigh. I only ask Beckham who?
21.41 Nesli e Alice Paba - Do retta a te
What to say? Their wardrobe is more interesting than this song that is all ok, but heard a million times before. As is their duet singing by numbers and the camera that rolls around them. Yawn 5/10
21.46 Sergio Silvestre - Con te
This was one of the favorites by some Italian fans for Eurovision. It's apiano driven ballad, originally in English with Italian lyrics by Giorgia. Sergio does a good job, the song explodes in a gospely chorus in the end. And yes, indeed. This could be very Eurovision worthy. Hopefully Friday he will sing better and keep his nerves and voice in control. I don't follow Amici so I have no idea of him (or any other Amici artist for that matter) but somehow he comes across very likable. 8,5/10

*** It seems there might be a problem with the press center voting for the Newcomers. Let's see if the results changes. 12 missing votes apparently. Let's remember last year there was a similar mistake and in the end Gabbani got to the final and eventually won, despite being eliminated at first count***

22.04 Gigi D'Alessio  - La prima stella
Another sleeping pill I'm afraid. Typical Gigi in good and in bad. heard so many times before, nothing original and interesting really. He also seems a bit nervous! But have I already mentioned how much I like the colors this year? The backdrops and lights blues and greens with turoquoises. Love it! Gigi's song instead. Ph well, 4,5/10

After this it's a good moment to have a pee, fix something to eat and drink as it is Maurizio Crozza's time....

22.20 Michele Bravi - Diario degli errori
Michele has a special voice, and this song is more like songs that I like. Great stuff. Melodic, interesting arrangement and lyrics. Well done! 9/10

(Meanwhile the RaiPlay is down. They are trying to fix it. Luckily I have Rai1 on telly, too :-) And there's only Totti on stage with Caro and Maria....and then kicking balls to the audience. Only in Italy....)

22.42 Paola Turci - Fatti bella per te
Finally something uptempo! She joins Mannoia and Mirage in the smart casual trouser jacket combo. She's got a great voice and this is catchy pop tune. Eurovision? Why not. 8,5/10 for now.

22.47 It's Robbie Williams time! And he clearly loves his life on Tearo Ariston stage! And we all love him!

22.59 Francesco Gabbani - Occidentalis Karma
Almost accapella start that build up with sounds and explodes into a colorful pop song. Like his backdrop and his bright orange sweater. The poppiest song in the festival but with a message. Great stuff.Worth of Eurovision. Ommmmmmm..... 9/10

23.05 It's time for another guest: Giorgia! Singing Vanità.... and RaiPlay is working again btw. Unlike her dress that is pretty much falling off her.... And after some small talk she belts out her Sanremo winning and runner up songs Come saprei and Di sole e d'azzurro. She has also a third place under her belt with Strano il mio destino. And her first time among newcomers didn't give her victory but an evergreen E poi. Andrea Bocelli won, she was 7th. Where are the five in between? Standing ovation for her. The first one in this festival, isn't it?
I want Giorgia for Eurovision. Period. 

23.21 Michele Zarrillo - Mani nelle mani
I like his voice. A lot. This starts slow and then picks up some rhythm. For some reason I'm thinking of late Mango.... This song keeps developing and going here and there so it's not dull and the chorus echoes also Zeljko Joksimovic. What's happening? Got to give this 8,5/10 only for that.

23.33 It's Keanu Reeves time. Talking about how he knows how to make pasta, and how he played ice hockey and such.... Time for a snack..... while he let his rockstar out.....
While Maria has changed to another dress at some point.....
23.45 Chiara - Nessun posto è casa mia
Chiara starts off very acoustic her ballad, while I can't but think the Sanremo styling team, make up and hair, aren't doing a great job this year. At least with the first hearing this song does nothing to me. 6/10

23.51 Raige e Giulia Luzzi - Togliamoci la voglia
The red light zone saved for last. But this is so wrong in so many levels. Like a bad rapper boy looking like a fashionista. She tryig hard to hit the notes. The song isn't going anywhere. 5/10

00.03 Here comes to obligatory comedy hour with three Roman comics: Brignani, Insinna and Cirilli.

00.19 Time for Biffy Clyro. Now that was useless and yawn.... At this hour.... Zzzz......
00.30 Enter Sveva Alviti who plays Dalida in a new Rai fiction......
00.35 Stop al televoto!
00.45 Results time..... Bianca Atzei and the duets join Ron, Clementino and Giusy Ferreri in the second chance round that wil eliminate definately two of them tomorrow night....
And with this, buona notte and good night! The show continues tomorrow.....

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