Saturday, February 11, 2017


Melodifestivalen continues tonight with the second semifinal. As always two will make the final, two wil make the andra chansen and three will say adjö to Eurovision dreams and rush to the charts. Or so they hope. Mariette returns and even if I never was a fan of hers she sounds pretty good! Then we move from Pontare's mysstic sounds to Etzia's very Swedish rhythms, you know. Sweden is in the Caribian tropics for all I know. Some useless hiphop follows with some androgyneus poprock that was born old. Then enters Lisa Ajax with a lot of f*cks all over the place. Finally Pernilla's son and a relative to Swedish House Mafia offers some anonymous pop. All this said this is an improvement from last weeks all time low. 

Semifinal 2: 11 February, Malmö

Mariette – A million years -> FINAL
Roger Pontare – Himmel och hav
Etzia – Up
Allyawan – Vart haru varit
Dismissed – Hearts align -> Andra chansen
Lisa Ajax – I don’t give a - > Andra chansen
Benjamin Ingrosso – Good lovin’ -> FINAL

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