Saturday, February 25, 2017


Denmark has now missed the final twice in a row and are desperately looking for the song that would take them back to final and on the left side of the scoreboard. A record breaking 1.115 entries were submitted and a special jury chose these ten to the final. Now these will be judged by televoters and a five member jury of Danish Eurovision fans (sigh) in a two round voting with a superfinal.
I must admit I didn't get excited by any of these with the first hearing.....

Ida Una - One
Thomas Ring - Vesterbro
Rikke Skytte - Color my world
Anja Nissen - Where I am
Calling Mercury - Big little lies
Anthony - Smoke in my eyes
René Machon - Warriors
Sada Vidoo - Northern lights
Jeanette Bonde - Hurricane
Johanna Beijbom - A.S.A.P.

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