Wednesday, February 08, 2017


The grand old lady of Italian music Fiorella Mannoia remains the biggest favorite to win this 67th festival but many fans have doubted she would accept Eurovision should she really win in the end. She is anyways  the most played Sanremo song in Italian radios in the past 24 hours after it became possible to play it. When asked the question she said:

"Eurovision? Why not? It's an experience I have never had. I have concerts during those days but we could try to make it work. The song? I don't even know the rules. We will think about it when the moment comes if it comes."

The general impression is however that she's maybe not so keen on rescheduling her tour, but then who knows. Maybe she's just not so aware of this business yet. She has six concerts scheduled between May 5 and 13, so it's not so easy. In previous years Il Volo did reshcedule some of their shows thanks to Eurovision, and last year Stadio gave up the opportunity altogether and the ticket to Stockholm was passed to runner up Francesca Michielin. 

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