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The 67th Festival della canzone Italiana will start it's five nights long journey tonight at 20.30 CET with Primafestival, followed by the show itself and continued with DopoFestival... A long night!
Carlo Conti will be wearing Salvatore Ferragamo as usual, Maria De Filippi at least tonight Givenchy, because Sanremo isn't only music, comedy, sports, politics, movies and everything else in between it's also fashion! Because Sanremo is Sanremo!
Tiziano Ferro will open the show with a hommage to Luigi Tenco (read more here) singing his Mi sono innamorato di te, and then with Carmen Consoli his latest single Conforto. Ricky Martin will perform a medley of hits, Clean Bandit is the third musical guest tonight. Actors Raul Bova, Rocio Munoz Morales, Paola Cortellesi and Antonio Albanese are among other guests tonight.

I will be following the festival and comment the songs here as they happen so stay tuned!

20.49 The Eurovision tune... and then we go with some songs from 1951-2016 that became hits but didn't win the festival......
... like Ricchi e Poveri with Che sará... Wow, that was quite a medley! Last one was of course Francesca Michielin's Nessun grado di separazione, before cutting back to 1967 and Luigi Tenco. And off to the Red Carpet.....
Then the artists introduce themselves and tell where they when and how they felt when they found out on television - like we common mortals - if they were accepted to the festival or not..... among other bla bla bla..... But all in all, a VERY nice antipasto for tonight's show. Now I want more!
(While the euroboys are already complaining in social medias this is too slow and can we get some music, please. Shut up, spoiled kids. This is Sanremo, no Mello. And this is how this goes, because SANREMO È  SANREMO! Live with it or go to bed)
21.15 Enter Tiziano Ferro in the darkness singing Luigi Tenco's Mi sono innamorato di te. During the performance he walks among the public, then stops when the music plays and walks away when the orchestra continues to play more Tenco's music. Effective, beautiful and dramatic. The stage lits up with colors piece by piece and it looks fantastic!
21.20 Enter Carlo Conti and he quickly explains how ti goes, how the voting is and then enters...
.... Maria De Filippi!

21.24 Giusy Ferreri - Fa talmente male
Starts of with acoustic guitar and the guitar goes on as the rhythm picks up. Quite catchy and Giusy's original voice carries this well. I need further listening to really make up how much I like this! And hear the studio version. Eurovision? Yes, why not! At least for now. Maybe I expected something more uptempo. Giusy is wearing a black and red trouser dress. 7/10 for now.
21.29 Fabrizio Moro - Portami via
Piano driven ballad. I'm liking this, but not so sure if it's strong enough in the end, if we think about Eurovision. His voice is very husky! 6,5/10
Maria has found her habitus normale. Sitting on stair. Talking about underwear and six pack 
and sex symbol men..... 
21.36 Enter Roul Bova and some nonsense talk he's ready to present next artist.....
21.39 Elodie - Tutta colpa mia
She sounds a lot like Emma, who is one of the co-writers. Another pop ballad but with stronger orchestration. This has a sort of French feeling to it for some reason. Very catchy and effective. She's wearing ethnic motif dressin green and yellow that fits her very well.With first hearing this beats Giusy. Both in Eurovision and in general. 8/10
Then it's time to remember and thank some everyday heroes, those who work 24/7 to help people after earthquakes and the avalanche in Italy recently for example.
"Heroes are everywhere. You only need to know how to see them and watch them in action"
(Free cit. Maria De Filippi)

Besides the stage also the graphics are really nice this year. Well done. RAI is ready for an amazing Eurovision song contest hosting sometime soon ;-p

22.03 Lodovica Comello - Il cielo non mi basta
Those who expected an uptempo pop song must be disappointed, this is a rather boring midtempo nonsense absent of any originality, even with weak vocals. Shame. She's wearing white top with colorful things on it and black long skirt. Eurovision? Yes, but maybe for Moldova. 5,5/10
After her it's time for comedian Maurizio Crozza but he's just about as sad as La Comello..... Yawn.
22.19 Fiorella Mannoia - Che sia benedetta
The biggest pre-contest favorite enters in black "smoking" without shirt. It's easy to understand why the critics adore this one, and propably Italians, too. It' s 100% Italian and if you don't understand the lyrics it's just a bit boring and nothing special. Eurovision? Nope. Winner? Perhaps? 6/10. But she's great as singer and performer. I kinda want to buy anythign she sells despite all. 
22.25 Alessio Bernabei - In mezzo di un applauso
Alessio is wearing a cool jacket. The song is about to staet going for like an eternity and it never happens. This is a bit like washed away version of Nek's entry 2 years ago; only weaker and without the great vocals Nek provided and made the song fly. I'm not applauding for this. Eurovision? Good grief no! If we didn't get Nek we certainly don't want this! 5,5/10
22.35 Tiziano Ferro returns after a clip the has a look at his career and hits. Theproblem and risk with these superstar guests is that their songs are the best thing you hear all evening.... Potremmo ritornare for example, now this is a killler ballad. If only this was in competition and if only this went to Kyiv....
Or even this Il confronto with Carmen Consoli.....
22.48 Al Bano - Di rose e di spine
Al Bano looks like a village priest and it sounds like he left his voice there, too. A very typical Al Bano song, nothing new and original. Heard many times before, beautiful orchestration anyways, a bit like some movie soundtrack. This must be a nice song without vocals! Eurovision? No. 5/10
After him a bried note in memory of Claudio Villa (1926-1987) and then we go on break. After break we are on stage with Maria and Raoul and we talk about earthqueke again. 
23.01 Samuel - Vedrai
I'm loving the colors on stage! Samuel brings finally some rhythm to the contest. Groovy, funky and nicely retro. I'm liking this! Maybe not very Eurovision friendly and a bit repetitive but I hope he goes far here! 8/10
Conti takes the right spot to thank the lights, the stage and all the rest. This looked marvelous!
23.08 Enter Paola Cortellesi and Antonio Albanese aka Nicola & Valeria, "a song that was eliminated from the festval".... lol. Bits from various love songs in the festival's history make certainly a weird love story when put together this way....  Now this wa funny, unlike Crozza. Then again Paola is Queen! <3 font="">
23.16 Ron - L'ottava meraviglia
Ron wears a fashionable velvet jaccket and sings his tender ballad with gusto. Like Al Bano he brings nothing new to the table, just exactly what we'd expect from him. Can't get myself to get excited or remotely interested really. Nice but that's all. Eurovision? No. 6/10
Time to talk agaist bullismo!
23.26 Clementino - Ragazzi fuori
The rap song opens with the chorus that is kinda nice really, with beautiful arrangement and the atmosphere of the song is really nice. I'm liking this. Sometimes a song can be nothing special, or the vocals but the whole comes together with the great atmosphere. This is one of those. Eurovision? Maybe not but now with first hearing this gets 7/10 from me.
23.37 Enter Ricky Martin! With a medley of his hits. And a strip tease. Still very sweaty.
23.57 Ermal Meta - Vietato morire
This song takes you from the first note and keeps you listening, even if you didn't understand the lyrics of this important theme, domestic violance. Catchy, modern (at least in Sanremo) pop song with dark undertones. Love the backing hymn. Eurovision? Maybe. 8/10
Classic Sanremo moment: the stairs, the evening gown, the lady with long legs. Diletta Leotta this time and we talk about.... football. Among other things. And after her we have "Bob Dylan".... All of sudden he speaks Italian but "as Trump was elected president anything is possible"..... and he was too busy with pilates to go and pick up his Nobel.
And again! As Maria is not doing the stairs and having fabulous dresses the others are doing it for herself. Rocio Muniz Morales, Raoul Bova's better part and Sanemo's ex-hostess.
00.23 Time for Clean Bandit
I'm too tired to follow what's going on here.... wtf?
But stop al televoto! 00.38
00.49 Results!
Oh dear, Giusy and Clementino in risk of elimination....
Good night!

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