Saturday, February 25, 2017


The hosting nation's national final takes place tonight. After three semifinals six songs have made it this far. Last time Ukraine won and hosted they got the worst result to date (19th) with their rap anthem, will they go with something strange this time again?
Salto Nazad would somehow continue that tradition and just like I did like Razom nas bahato I adore O, mamo! as well! It's catchy, groovy, fun and a bit weird. The choreography bit is insane, in a good way. Perfect!
Then we have Melovin with his gimmicky eye and a pop tune that isn't bad at all. O.Torvals offers some quite decent poprock, Illaria some strangely titled sugary pop ballad that could have played in some American elevator some 30 years ago and no one would have noticed, Tayanna delivers a song from Lara Fabian songbook and finally Rozhden offers some groovy jazzy pop that is pleasant but who would pick up the phone and vote for it come May? I'm team #SaltoNazad!

Salto Nazad - O, mamo!
Melovin - Wonder
O. Torvald - Time
Tayanna - I love you
Rozhden - Saturn

jury votes

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