Saturday, February 18, 2017


Lithuania's marathon continues with seventh elimination round already. There's at least one more before we get to the semifinal stage - or whatever comes after that?! I suppose half of these or  four will make it tongiht again and Greta and Aistè should walk this. If the horrendous joke of Gytis still gets through it's time to get frighten for real. Even jury, really? Eurovision veteran Sasha Song is also still hanging on....

Watch here 20.00 CET

Ieva Zaminauskaitè - You saved me (7+7=14)
E.G.O. - My story (5+4=9)
Greta Zazza - Like I love you (10+8=18)
Gytis Ivanauskas - Get frighten (3+10=13)
Aistè Pilvelyté - I'm like a wolf (10+12=22)
Sasha Song - Never felt like this before (12+6=18)
Edgaras Lybus - Could it be? (8+5=13)
Grazvydas - Paint the sky blue (4+3=7)

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