Saturday, February 25, 2017


Sweden's Melodifestivalen 2017 has reached its final semifinal, of the season that has been in my books the worst ever but apparently some Euroboys are also waking up and seeing what it is as there have been some complaint online as well about the level of the songs. I have to say I don't even like the stage that much this year, nor the presenting trio. 
But tonight it's all about Loreen. She's trying to tell everywhere she doesn't care about the competition but we all know she has to win. And then she has to win in Kyiv, anything else would be a failure and flop. To save her skin and her legend like  status she's gained among fans she'd better lose in Sweden, become a victim and shine her euphoric crown again.... But let's see how the full song is as the snippet is rather confusing and unmelodic to sound like an Eurovision winner.
Otherwise this fourth semi is maybe the most deecent of them all. I'm curious to hear Jon Henrik's effort in full, Axel sounded pretty good, as did Alice, I kinda alike the understated Sara & Juha, but it may also turn out a mess vocally.... 
I'd thrown to the final Loreen and then to final/andra chansen Jon Henrik, Alice and Axel. 

Semifinal 4: 25 February, Skellefteå

Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – En värld full av strider -> FINAL
Alice Svensson – Running with lions - 5th
Les Gordons – Bound to fall -  6th
Wiktoria – As I lay me down - > FINAL
Axel Schylström – När ingen ser -> Andra chansen
Sara Varga & Juha Mulari – Du får inte ändra på mig  - 7th
Loreen – Statements - > Andra chansen

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