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The 67th Sanremo Festival della canzone Italian comes to an end tonight. The winner will have the chance to be Italy's entrant to the Eurovision song contest, with the entry of tonight or with another song. In case the winner says No, the offer goes to runner up, then to third and so on.... Let's see how this ends...

The show starts at 20.30
Scroll down for some live blogging.....

Carlo Conti, sadly doing his last festival for now, and the hired co-host from the enemy Maria De Filippi are hosting the show. Various guests from Zucchero to Alvaro Soler.
Fiorella Mannoia remains the bookmakers favorite to win, but Ermal Meta and Paola Turci have emerged as possible surprise winners. The Eurovision fans are all for Francesco Gabbani, Ermal Meta or Sergio Sylvestre, not forgetting Elodie. So, it's all a bit open.... After all, Stadio won last year and that wasn't out in the open at all at first...
This blogger is all for Francesco Gabbani, but if Paola Turci or Ermal Meta wins, or goes to Eurovision it's fine, too, but then again Gabbami would be so great..... And secretky hoping Michele Bravi will do Francesca Michielin this year...

This is my final ranking:

Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma
Michele Bravi - Il diario degli errori
Samuel - Vedrai
Ermal Meta - Vietato morire
Paola Turci - Fatti bella per te
Elodie - Tutta colpa mia
Sergio Sylvestre - Con te
Chiara - Nessun posto è casa mia
Michele Zarrillo - Mani nelle mani
Marco Masini - Spostato di un secondo
Fabrizio Moro - Portami via
Fiorella Mannoia - Che sia benedetta
Lodovica Comello - Il cielo non mi basta
Clementino - Ragazzi fuori
Bianca Atzei - Ora esisti solo tu
Alessio Bernabei - Nel mezzo di un applauso

20.51 Here we go again for the last time in 2017 and sadly for the last time with Carlo Conti. I miss him already!
The evening opens with Ladri di Carrozzelle, a local Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (minus punk), a band that exist already for 28 years and is made of people with various handicaps. Followed by a recap of the 16 entries.
21.13 The Eurovision ad finally was aired! Hooray hallelujah! The only mention of Eurovision so far in the shows! And right after enter Zucchero. He came next to last (always 20something) three times in a row in Sanremo in the 1980's. That didn't stop him becoming and international million selling artist....
21.20 Enter Maria De Filippi, looking finally a bit like a Sanremo hostess. And she enters just in time to present the first artist, her own pupil Elodie. Let's see if she can do better than her boyfriend Lele who won Newcomers last night, or Sergio Sylvestre who beat her in the Amici final last fall (where Lele came third, btw)
21.23 Elodie - Tutta colpa mia (It's all my fault) - Loredana Bertè wishes her luck in the postcard.
White trousr suit with black top for her tonight. She's been really sporting different wardobe every night. Vocally perfect in her retro schlager in Italian way.
21.27 Michele Zarrillo - Mani nelle mani (Hands in hands) Riccardo Fogli is his well wisher.
Black suit with dark blue shirt for him. Again. He is secure and confident with his song, that is a typical Zarrillo song, and most likely another hit and evergreen for this Roman singer who won the Newcomers in 1987.
21.32 Sergio Sylvestre - Con te (With you)
Maria gets to present second pupil of hers, the winner of Amici's latest season. The gentle giant and ex-American foorball player. One of the favorites has been very shaky with his vocals all week. And no, he isn't getting in perfect tonight either. But he's popularm very likable and the gospel choir in the end is the icing on the cake.The Italian lyrics of this song are written by Giorgia. He's of haitian/Mexican origina and living in Italy since few years.
21.39 Fiorella Mannoia - Che sia benedetta (Let her be blessed) Enrico Ruggeri is her wellwhisher.
The biggest favorite and only today Gabbani has passed her in iTunes and radioplay. Let's see if she can keep the lead still tonight. She has changed from her trouser outfits to a red velvet dress and gives a flawless performance both visually and vocally. Italian answer to Patricia Kaas - in Euroboys bubble world. UPDATE: It appears she will do Stadio in case she wins and won't go to Eurovision!
21.58 Fabrizio Moro - Portami via (Take me away) His wellwishes come from Gianluca Grignani
The Newcomers winner 2006 has a huge following on social medias and is loved by radios so that alone will take him far. But this song written to his daughter isn't bad at all. He gets to shout out with his very husky rusty voice here and there. His blue jacket seems to be made of same fabric as Zarrillo's shirt...... He also looks more tired every night, thank God this is the last night!
22.02 Alessio Bernabei - Nel mezzo di un applauso (In the middle of applause)
Another Maria's pupil. This is one of those cases when the song title becomes ironic. He hasn't really been in the middle of applauses as he has received harsh critic for his voice and performances, and for the reason. He's voice has been all over the place but not on the notes he should have hit. Velvet is the thing and white socks are in apparently. He did a bit better tonight but I can't think this is a poor man's Fatti avanti amore.....
After him the Daily Crozza. Eurovision mentioned but in context of leaving euro and Eu....
22.22 Marco Masini - Spostato da un secondo (Moved by a second)
He was one of the pre-contest favorites but hasn't been mentioned in the winner predictions for days. The song has a lovely structure with spoken start and ending, with a catchy chorus in between. He has won both the Newcomers and the Big category already in the past, and gives a very secure and confident performance of this midtempo song that is very pleasant to listen to.
22.34 Returns Zucchero. 60 million records sold all around the world. After flopping several times in Sanremo.
And we have even Luciano Pavarotti resurrection in Teatro Ariston. So cool. Not. But Italians will suck this up. Sigh.
22.58 Paola Turci - Fatti bella per te (Make yourself pretty for you) Well wishes from Nek
She has emerged as one of the front runners over the week thanks to her sold performances and the message of the song. Paola was in a car accident in her early 20s that left right side of her face scarred and damaged. Dozens of operations later and some decades later she's already fine with it, and has stopped hiding her face and thinking what the others think. The song celebrates the importance of feeling pretty for themselves and not for others. Great uptempo song, catchy, radio friendly. Could finish in top-3
23.03 Bianca Atzei - Ora esisti solo tu (Only you exist now) Well wishes from Kekko
Bianca is not very liked as she seems to be everywhere but no one knows how and why? And the songwriter Kekko (of Modà) has also his haters. She made it to the final agaisnt all odds and even shed a tear in last night's performance, did it help? The song is banal like her long flowery dress but she can sing even if her voice isn't very original, there are so many female singers in Italy with this kind of raw voice.

Next coming up the evolution of a naked ape.....
23.14 Francesca Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma (Western Karma)
Oh, he has dropped the monkey dress and wearing a suit instead but with a twist, but the gorilla does join in midway the song to do the #scimmianudaballa dance. He went to number one in iTunes today and surpassed the others as the most played song in radios, but no one of the critics mention him as a possible top-3 one. But the international and Eurovision followers want him in unision. Tonight's performance wan't maybe the best but then again, he's been kinda extra busy these days, even on social medias.....
23.20 Chiara - Nessun posto é casa mia (No place is my home) Well wishes from Francesco Renga
Chiara is back with some black lace. The piano driven elegant ballad is very beautiful and she's doing a good job with the vocals. This song however needs several listenngs and a right mood to be appreciated. Let's see how far she will go with it, somewhere mid table propably.
23.24 Clementino - Ragazzi fuori (Youth outside) Well wishes from Bennato
Looks like he walked on stage from a nice walk in the mountains. I liked this the first night but then it's been going down on my list, it didn't deliver in the end. Melodic rap with soft vocals, that makes it like something else disguised as rap. He has to struggle through the second chance round to be here tonight but Napoletan people will keep him off the last place for sure. And this isn't the worst thing here tonight so it's fine by me....
23.37 It's time to award Rita Pavone for her 55 years in business. And Maria has finally found her the showgirl glamour in her. Just about the time, too!
23.44 Ermal Meta - Vietato morire (Forbidden to die) Well wishes from Fiorello
Ermal won the Cover's night and he's living a momentum, could it end up in top-3 and even winning this? Could be. He will sure pick up some critic's awards before the night is over. Another song with important lyrics dealing with domestic violance. But on top of that it's a well written cachy pop tune, almost an anthem, well performed. Indeed one to watch out.
23.49 Lodovica Comello - Il cielo non mi basta (The sky's not enough for me)
The big outsider who didn't deliver. The expectation were high by those who knew her, the other were just like WTF? Who is she? The journalists described the song as an uptempo that will set Ariston on fire and explode with modernity. Most fans were already sending her to Eurovision. Then we hear the song and everyone was WTF? On top of that she also didn't deliver vocally. A disaster. She delivers in questionalbe fashion sense though.
23.59 Comedy time with Enrico Montesano..... meanwhile in Spain and Objetivo Eurovision there's some voting drama.....
00.09 Samuel - Vedrai (You'll see) Well wishes from Giulio Sangiorgi
One of my top favorites. One of the radio favorites already. He gets the audience clapping along. Relaxed and groovy performance. It will be interesting to see how high this wil end up? Someone said this is the only song that is 2017, I find this a bit retro, but then again isn't retro the thing right now?
00.14 Michele Bravi - Il diario degli errori (Diary of mistakes)
My top favorite along with Gabbani. This one singer has proven to be worth this stage, and his song is one of the most melodic and aristic ones. I have no idea how he will do. I read and hear positive comments but how the televoters take on him? he has a following in the web and Youtube to help him, but is this too artistic for a general audience? I love this anyways. He reminds a bit of Arisa in the way he performs, his vocals are on spot and he looks relaxed and confident on stage - just to run off the stage and explode in tears. I'm hoping he does Francesca Michielin: comes from the shadows and surprises everyone finishing in top-3.

Now with various acts and a lot of talking we are waiting for the top-3 in superfinal and a new voting round with zeroed votes..... That might take some time. After all it's early. 00.28....
00.40 It's Alvaro Soler time and the whole Ariston is clapping along and in their feet.

00.47 Results time.... Michele Bravi 4th.... But the tio-3 if´s Mannoia, Meta, Gabbani..... The new televote opens for these three..... There's still change to have the gorilla for Kyiv, as there's no reason why he should not accept. And Meta has said he wants to do it so it's between those two.....
00.57 Time for a song that didn't make it to the festival but that Conti likes a lot: Pace by paolo Vallesi and Smara, who is also author of Mannoia's song...... She was also the one who was called into final last year in Newcomers instead of Gabbani. When the mistake was fixed he went on to win the whole thing and will bring another palm tree home tonight :-) And I suppose this is the first time TWO last year's Newcomer participants are in Top-3 among the Big the year after?
Some beautiful piano music by Emanuele Fasano while we wait..... and then a chef. Who wouldn't like to talk about food at 01.10?
While we ALL wait.........

01.18 Carlo mentions Eurovision possinility for the winner and then.... STOP TELEVOTE! And time to hand out some awards....
Best text award Sergio Bardotti  goes to.... Fiorella Mannoia....
Critic's award Mia Martini goes to.... Ermal Meta.....
Award Giancarlo Bigazzi for best arrangement goes to.... Al Bano (*giggle)
Award Lucio Dalla by the Press.... Fiorella Mannoia.....
Award TIM for the most downoaded song today goes to.... Francesco Gabbani!

and the final results....

He also makes history: No newcomer winner has won the festival the year after, many did later but like this no. Also for the first time the top-3 of Big includes TWO last year's newcomers :-)
And with those oldies Al Bano, Ron and Gigi out in elimination
it's revolution!!
And now Gabbani will win also Eurovision !

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