Sunday, February 12, 2017


After a dramatic finish Manel Navarro will represent Spain in the Eurovision song contest 2017 in Kyiv with Do it for your lover. In the case of a tie the jury was to determinate the winner and just that happened. Only that later the question rose of the jury was free of ties with the artists, or rather Manel. The outtraged fans in the audience didn't wait for his winning performance but walked out while a member of parliament has stepped out to question the way tax payer funded RTVE was handling the process and it all may end up in court.... Drama. 

1. Manel Navarro (jury 34+ televote 24 = 58)
2. Mirela (22+36=58)
3. LeKlein (22+30=52)
4. Maika (20+21=41)
5. Mario Jefferson (25+14=40)
6. Paula Rojo (21+18=39)

PS. Outside Spain no one cares really as later that night Italy chose its entry that is already making waves all over Europe... Manel who?

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