Sunday, February 26, 2017


Romania returns to Eurovision after last year's fiasco and has its Selecția Națională again. Tonight a jury will pick up the ten finalists, while in the final thee will be only televote. The selection hasn't been without scandals this year either and apparently it doesn't matter who are in what happens, the yoel thingy will win it anyways. Maybe. The rest are pretty much inoffensive fillers with a few exceptions like Petale and my original favorite is already out. I'm also amazed MIHAI manages to do a song without falsetto oh-oh-oh's. I'm shocked. 

Alexandra Crăescu - Hope
Ana-Maria Mirică - Spune-mi tu 
Cristina Vasiu - Set the skies on fire
D-lema - Adventure
Eduard Santha - Wild child
Elizé & No Stress - Fără bariere
Ilinca ft. Alex Florea - Yodel it!
Instinct - Petale
Maxim - Adu-ți aminte
Ramona Nerra - Save me
Tavi Colen & Emma - We own the night
Tudor Turcu - Limitless
Xandra - Walk on by
Zanga - Două sticle

Jury votes

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