Friday, February 24, 2017


After two semifinals it's time for the final in Slovenia. I don't really have any superfavorite here, but I'm content if the winner is one of these: Nika, Omar, Raiven, BQL or Tim. Surprisingly I might like the most Omar's old fashioned ballad while Raiven would be interesting but a bit demanding maybe for European televoters? Somehow Ema isn't anymore the kitchiest, funniest national final around it used to be years ago.... In a way it's a shame.

Sell Out - Ni panike
Nuška Drašček - Flower in the snow
Tim Kores - Open fire
Nika Zorjan - Fse
King Foo - Wild ride
Omar Naber - On my way
BQL - Heart of gold
Raiven - Zažarim

Jury votes

Televotes: 12 Nuska, 24 Sell Out, 36 Nika, 48 Raiven, 60 Omar and 72 BQL
Final results

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