Sunday, February 12, 2017


Francesco Gabbani (35) will be the next Italian entrant in the Eurovision song contest and became over night the big favorite evenif it's still early with only a few songs presented and selected for the contest in May. He went with bookmakers from 1:66 to 1:6 to win it for Italy. the video has nearly 5 million views in less than 3 days, he's iTunes #1....
He was also quick to think all his fans for support in his journey in Sanremo and confirms the song will stay in Italian. And for those who don't understand the very clever lyrics, here's a subtitled video available now

He also made some sort of history in Sanremo becoming the first newcomers artis to come back the year after and win the Big. As the saying goes, there's not two without three so will that be the Eurovision trophy? 
 Carlo is telling something to Francesco.....
 ... that makes also Fiorella laugh....
... before the results are out. Once they are out the boy pows the Queen he beat....

Here's the results of the Superfinal:
Francesco Gabbani: total 36.3% (televote 43.7%)
Fiorella Mannoia: total 32.8% (televote 33.2%)
Ermal Meta: total 30.9% (televote 23.1%)

Demoscopic jury had Mannoia first (38%), Gabbani second (33%), Meta third (29%)
Expert jury had Meta first (44%), Gabbani second (29%) and Mannoia third (27%)
Televotes had Gabbani first (44%), Mannoia second (33%) and Meta third (23%)
*This blogger is a bit surprised experts placed Mannoia only third, one would have thought they place her first! 

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