Monday, February 13, 2017


Oh wow, this is remarkable. While Italian fans keep arguinging if Europe will see their entry only as a gimmicky joke act - this blogger wonders why? Because of the dancing ape? - and if it really has any chance and at the same time foreigners abroad are already setting it as a strong candidate for the victory, even if 3/4 of the songs are still missing. True. But a strong good entry is a good strong entry no matter what and whenever it is selected, or can someone say some Moldova will end up sending something stronger? No....

But back to Gabbani and Occidentali's Karma. EurofestivalNews have collected some facts of his post-Sanremo truimph:

Occidentali's Karma has already entered the iTunes charts in 15 countries: Italy (#1), Malta (#3), Switzerland (#4) and also in Luxembourg, Greece, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Norway, France, Ireland, Austria and Denmark.

In Italy he also hits #1 in Spotify. This success also brings back to charts some of his previous releases.

Still not charting in UK but the article written by Benny Rouston for Metro is beating the stories about Grammys, Baftas and the rest, and Gabbani interests more than certain Adeles and Lady Gagas! Karma is bitch, isn't it?

The video, that had some 400.000 views on Youtube Saturday morning is over 7,1 million when writing this Monday afternoon. It's the 11th most watched video in the world in the past 24 hours.
Update: 4th on Monday :-)

His new album that was originally ment to be released during the festival has been postboned to April. But the gabbamania makes people buy his previous album, already in Top-10 in the charts :-)

Update Tuesday 14.2: In Vevo his Occidentali's Karma got 4.353.802 views in 24h becoming the most viewed Italian videos ever!

Update Wednesday 15.2: Gabbani is beaten only by Katy Perry and Prince in the global  Viral top-50 Spotify chart. Meanwhile the video is already at 12.556.000 views...

Update Friday 17.2: Occidentali's Karma debuts at #1 in the official Italian singles chart. The video is well over 16,3 million views (+ 0,8 million of the live video on

Namastè! Alé!
The naked ape keeps dancing.....

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