Monday, February 27, 2017


After all these decades of Eurovision it isn't easy to have any firsts anymore but Ukraine comes up with one: for the first time ever we have an all male presenter team. Three of them to be exact. Oleksandr Skichko, Volodymyr Ostapchuk and already very familiar Timur Miroshychenko, who will be the Greenroom host while O&V are the main hosts.
Oleksandr (26) is ahouse hold name in Ukraine. He's been around since he was 15, made a name in Ukraine's Got Talent as a parody act but then has moved on to host popular shows on television. 
Volodymyr (32) has done a lot of live shows, presenting fashion shows on television and he's no stranger to dubbing either: he's the Ukrainian Hans in Frozen.
Timur (31) is no stranger to anyone following Eurovision. He has hosted both JUnior Eurovisions held in Ukraine (2009 and 2013). He has been also the Ukrainina commentator in Eurovision since 2007, two years after he started commenting the Junior one. 

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