Saturday, February 18, 2017


Malta will select its entry for the Eurovision song contest 2017 tonight in a show from MFCC Ta' Qali. Daniel Azzopardi and Charlene Mercieca are the hosts and Ira Losco will be performing, too. Malta has dropped the usual semifinal + final selection and goes for one off final instead, also goes for 100% televote to choose the winner. All this aid this is one of the most unintereting Maltese finals ever in my opinion filled with anonymous bubblegum pop. To stand out one must shine on stage, or will the ballads be strong enough to beat the pop acts? Brooke is the big fan favorite, but this blogger goes for Richard Edwards, Claudia Faniello and most of all Janice Mangion singing in Maltese. Kevin Borg could surprise as well this time around.... Maybe.
How sad it is that one is looking forward most for the interval act, The Travellers?

Watch here from 20.50 CET

Follow – Kevin Borg 3RD (2.502 votes)
Seconds Away – Jade Vella 14th (166 votes)
So Simple – Crosswalk 12th (245 votes)
Follow Me – Franklin 5th (1303 votes)
Kewkba – Janice Mangion 2ND (4.544 votes)
Bombshell – Maxine Pace 6th (627 votes)
You – Richard Edwards 13th (186 votes)
Unstoppable – Brooke Borg 4th (2000 votes)

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