Monday, February 06, 2017


Al Bano. What to say? He's back. For the 15th time. 10th time solo. He has one victory, one second place and two third places with Romina, one second and one third place solo so he's aiming to complete the set for sure. And hear this: He has declared he wants to do Eurovision again! That's roses or thorns for you?
Albano Carrisi (73) needs no further presentation. twice in Eurovision already, both times with then wife Romina Power (and this blogger demands her presence should he do it again! After all We'll live it all again and it would be Magic oh magic, no? He had two heart attacks last December but nothing keeps him away from Sanremo!
He has released 36 official albums and compilations solo, 18 more with Romina, and about a zillion less official greatest hits have been released in the past decades.
His new album will be out right after the festival including his entry Di rose e di spine (Of roses and thorns)

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