Friday, February 10, 2017


The rather boring trend continues. Bright and pastel colors are supposed to be in but they haven't yet made their way to dresses it seems. The backdrop has them though. Except Gabbani of course. He's the trend setter here sporting another lovely pullover by Daniele Alessandrini. Rapers Clementino and Raige were rather casual and were both voted out. Pini and Sylvestre remained true to their particular fashion sense.....
... while other remained in their men in black style....
... and some other had flops and hits. Nesli, Moro and MIKA looking sharp while Meta... 
what was that?
Maria De Filippi continued with her fashion disasters. And in black. The gliettery flower dress was already a step to the better but was that the promised "colorful" dress she said she would be wearing?
Oh, then we had these four gentlemen: one smart, one casual and one in pyjamas. And the fourth one is actually a lovely lady called LP..... yup.
The ladies didn't bring much color either. La Atzei again giving it a try, and Elodie in some dark greenery thingy while Lodo dressed up to her cover song. Note Valeria's sensible shoes.
Once again the guest provided some attempted glamour, not quite making it though. La Luzi went all flowery hippy looking only messy and the trouser suit ladies stayed true to their style. La Mannoia's top totally made her boobs disappear while La Turci oozed some hidden sexiness. 

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