Saturday, February 04, 2017


Lithuania has completed the first round of eliminations, four heats in all. Now it's time for the second round and further eliminations. Tonight the ones who made it through in the first and second heat are against each other. Let's see if Edgaras and Mia can keep their lead and if there will be surprises or will someone in the bottom make it through this time, and will some one in the top flop. 
Below I have put them in order by the scores the got in their respective heats. 
It's quite striking and boring how similar in style the top ones are, except for Gabrieius ballad which is quite fantastic. 

Edgaras Lubys - Could It Be? (12+10=22 tonight (8+4=12)
Paula Valentaitė - Never Let You Go (5+12=17) tonight (7+10=17)
Gabrielius Vagelis - Feel Myself Free (8+7=15) tonight (6+5=11)
Gytis Ivanauskas - Get frighten () tonight (7+12=19)
Fusedmarc - Rain of revolution () tonight (10+7=17)
Grazvydas - Paint the sy blue () tonight 5+8=13)
Valdas Lacko - It's So Unfair tonight (6+8=14) (2+1=3) 
             Ieva Zasimauskaitė - You Saved Me tonight (10+3=13) (12+6=18)
                  Benas Malakauskas - Rolling tonight (8+4=12) (4+0=4)
      Otreya - Last Two Weeks  (6+6=12) tonight 3+0=3)
Milda & Saulene - Paperheart () tonight 1+2=3)
E.G.O. - My Story (5+6=11) tonight (2+5=7)
(jury votes+televotes)

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