Saturday, January 07, 2017


New year, new season begins for real as Lithuania gets its marathon selection going. In the first heat 12 entries will fight for the tickets to the next step, among them previous winner Sasha Song and previous fan favorite Samanta Tina and ex-Amberlife. There will be 50-50 televote-juryvote. Some of the songs are already out there, have a listen.

Edgaras Lubys (Amberlife) – Could It Be? (12+10=22)
Sasha Song – Never Felt Like This Before (10+8=18)
Paula Valentaitė – Let U Go (5+12=17)
Vilius Krivickas & Edvinas Gurevičius (Golden Monkeys) – Septyni dievai (7+7=14)
Benas Malakauskas – Rolling (8+5=13)
Ugnė Kudlaitė (Otreya) – Last Two Weeks (6+6=12)

Augustė Vedrickaitė – It’s Not Over (Not To Me) (3+3=6)
Tadas Rimgaila & Samanta Tina – Tavo oda (2+4=6)
Audrius Petrauskas – Shine Like Gold (5+1=6)
Dagna Kondratavičiūtė – Feel It (4+0=4)
Justinas Stanislovaitis (Justin3) – Streets Of Vilnius (1+2=3)
Rūta Andruškevičiūtė – The Way To Your Heaven (0+0=0)

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