Saturday, January 07, 2017


The rumors are getting stronger. While Carlo Conti will take care of the RAI part of the audience, he's aiming to bring Mediaset's Queen Bee Maria de Filippi as his co-host. Berlusconi's Mediaset is the other big media empire in Italy having channels like Canale5, Italia1, Rete4 etc. Then he's aiming to bring in also comedian Maurizio Crozza as co-host, the face of La7 channel... and let's not forget Ludovica Comello who's singing among the Big, a popular tv host of Sky Channel... All fronts covered?
However, both De Filippi's and Crozza's possible presence has already met with harsh critic. De Filippi for her ties with several artists (read more here) and Crozza already caused a minor scandal with his parodies of Silvio Berlusconi and Pope in Sanremo 2013 where he was as a guest. The audience in Teatro Ariston nearly booed him off the stage..... Maria has already been to Sanremo as well as a co-hostess for one night.All I can remember is the fashion/look disaster that night was...
Will Conti's rumored master plan work out and will we have Sanremo festival on "united networks" knowing how loyal Italians are to their favourite hosts and personalities who would in this case bring them all to Raiuno to watch Sanremo because of them? Because Sanremo is Sanremo, and it's not only about music and songs, it's about lifestyle, comedy and Who's who in Italy 2017 most of all. 
Mystery solved on January 11.

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