Thursday, January 05, 2017


Catarina Zühlke (25) is already known from Idols 2013 where she reached fifth place but left her mark. She has been gigging a lot and released her debut EP this year with some Finnish music (like Kauneimmat with Jore Marjaranta, and Haave) but her fur´ture album will be international rough urban pop, just like her entry for #UMK17.

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She's an avid Eurovision fan and her dream if to bring the trophy and the contest back to Finland in 2018. She's self declared superhero and she's eyeing a career especially in Germany where her father is from. 
So, what did our international* jury think of it? She's one of the four songs that was no one's number one. Generally midtable lower scores Marco and Valentina giving it the highest score but Robert said it's "awful song". Jack find her sassy with fabulous voice but the song itself doesn't live up to the expectations, Valentina liked her voice and ranks the song as one of her favorites. This blogger agrees with Jack in this; she was already one of my favorites in the Idols and she's an awesome singer but this song sounds a bit demoish still and could be so much better so if they remix it and she delivers live with a show that goes with the song without being over the top (and aggressive like her video) this could be a contender. Otherwise not. And then we have to remember the angry female singers don't do well in Eurovision. A sad fact. Anyways 59 points from us and 7th place in our ranking.
All this said, this has stuck into this blogger's head after a couple of hearings.... 

Current standings:
7. Zühlke: Perfect Villain 59

*Valentina (San Marino), Jack (UK), Michele (Sweden/Italy), Markus (Germany/UK), Marco (Italy), Francisco (Spain/Venezuela), 3M (Malta), Robert (Netherlands), 3K (Finland) and Blogilkar (Finland). Most jurors have years of experience inside and outside Eurovision as artist, producer and delegation members. Some are just active fans while 3K are a group of teenagers, non-Eurovision fans who follow it as randomly as any normal people, :-) 
All of us gave votes from 0-10 to each entry, so the maximum votes is 120. 

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