Sunday, January 22, 2017


Less than a week to go and we will know who will win #UMK17 and become the Eurovision song contest entrant for Finland this year. Since the beginning there have been two major fan favorites: Emma and Norma John, two completely different approaches to the contest. One Eurovision by numbers, almost manufactured to perfection to fit the form, one the complete opposite. Curiously, these two were also this bloggers first instant favorites that have been later with further listenings joined by Lauri Yrjölä, Anni Saikku and My First Band. The others don't impress me that much to be honest.
I had a little fun with the various polls on the internet, be they newspaper or fan websites or blogs oincluding my own little poll here on the blog (where you can still keep voting). All numbers are percentages. And indeed Emma and Norma John alone take the half of the votes in combined chart. 
In the Finnish votes alone My First Band and Gunther & D'Sanz benefit from the huge boost they had in the media once the songs were revealed and I suppose many voted for the names alone without even hearing the songs. But with televoting and advance voting that's always a risk to be taken in consideration. That is also very evident with Lauri Yrjölä: Finns seem to neglet it only because it's in Finnish (8th) while foreign voters like it (3rd). My First Band scores first among Finns having a certain fanbase while foreign voters haven't really warmed up to it at all.
It will be interesting to see how this all ends come Saturday night. Fans will be outtraged if Emma doesn't win, same for Norma John but maybe in a minor key perhaps. And how will the international juries vote? Based on this those two superfavorites seem like a quite safe bet but knowing Finns they might end up voting en masse for Club la Persé, Gunther and Oscar just for the fun of it or as a "protest" and we end up with a compromise winner. In that case let it be Lauri or Anni

Combined total
1. Emma 30,7
2. Norma John 19,1
3. My First Band 11,4
4. Gunther & D'Sanz 10,7
5. Lauri Yrjölä 6,9
6. Anni Saikku 6,6
7. Zuhlke 6,6
8. Alva 5,3
9. Club La Persé 4,4
10. Knucklebone 1,1

1. My First Band 25,0
2. Emma 21,0
3. Gunther & D'Sanz 18,5
4. Norma John 15,5
5. Zuhlke 5,0
6. Ann Saikku 4,0
7. Club La Persé 3,5
8. Lauri Yrjölä 3,5
9. Alva 3,0
10. Knucklebone 2,0

1. Emma 34,6
2. Norma John 20,6
3. Lauri Yrjölä 8,2
4. Anni Saikku 7,6
5. Gunther & D'Sanz 7,6
6. Zuhlke 7,2
7. Alva 6,2
8. My First Band 6.0
9. Club La Persé 4,8
10. Knucklebone 0,8

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