Friday, January 20, 2017


Now this is something extraordinary. Yle's early evening talk show Puoli seitsemän and Viikki teaching and research farm will have a joint experiment. In short for the next ten days the cows will listen the #umk2017 entries day and night, each one for a day. Meanwhile their milk production will be monitored and counted and they will see if Norma John's nordic drama will produce more milk than Anni's or Emma's tunes. Will Club La Persé make the milk go sour altogether? The results will be revealed on January 27.
And guess what? You can watch it live here. Could you possible ask for more? No. 

The experiment is on and going, here are the dates who and when:
18.1. Anni Saikku: Reach Out For The sun
19.1. Norma John: Blackbird
20.1. Zühlke: Perefect Villain
21.1. Alva: Arrows
22.1. Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies: Caveman
23.1. My First Band: Paradise
24.1. Club La Persé: My Little World
25.1. Günther & D'Sanz: Love Yourself
16.1. Lauri Yrjölä: Helppo elämä
17.1. Emma: Circle of Light

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