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Shocker!? Our little panel left maybe the biggest pre-final favorite Emma out of the top-3!
Emma describes her music as WDM (instead of EDM) or Wooden Dance Music. She likes her music danceble and with added acoustic instruments to make it warmer and more human. Emma (26) comes from Kokkola but lives now in Stockholm where she works as a music teacher. In the past she took part in The Voice (same edition as D'Sanz btw) but didn't get that far. Now she tells she's found her circle of light that lets her be herself on stage, despite her being rather shy as a person. She's an avid Eurovision fan and her dream is to sing on big stages of Europe and win Eurovision. 
Her song tells about how people create a circle of light around them to protect from insecurity and dangers, a barrier nothing bad can across. Something people all around Europe can relate to these days. The video portrays how the things don't change; no matter what time or period we live in, the fears and things don't change nor people even if times do. 

If Emma is your favorite, please vote fr her in my poll, or for real here

So, how what did our little international* panel think about this by far the biggest fan favorite? 
"Beautiful melody and voice but I'm not so enthuastic" says Valentina. Jack points out the first impact Emmelie De Forest meets Greta Salome references. 3K's thinks this is a bit confusional in arrangement and oh so Eurovision. A very mixed votes as well as this gets everything from 1 (Francisco) to 10 (this blogger), also Markus and Robert don't warm to this so much but all the rest give it 8s and 9s.
So, after some thinking this blogger gives it a ten thus making it my favorite. The reason is simple. This is Eurovision by numbers, a fan favorite. It would be nice to have for a change a song that is safe and easy. This could flop (see Greta Salome) but then again, this could also do very well (see Emmelie). No matter what, at least we tried with something catchy and commercial. Now all depends on the staging. If they bring on the Viking/Lapland/whatever feel it is, it could give it a bit of a flavor but hopefully not too much. She can build a memorable image (see Ruslana). We'll see. For now, I stand with this one. A safe and boring choice in a way but maybe the most suitable one. Anyways, a total of 77/120 from us, just narrowly beating My First Band and placing 4th overal. 

Current ranking:

4. Emma – Circle of light 77

*Valentina (SanMarino), Jack (UK), Michele (Sweden/Italy), Markus (Germany/UK), Marco (Italy), Francisco (Spain/Venezuela), 3M (Malta), Robert (Netherlands), 3K (Finland) and Blogilkar (Finland). Most jurors have years of experience inside and outside Eurovision as artist, producer and delegation members. Some are just active fans while 3K are a group of teenagers, non-Eurovision fans who follow it as randomly as any normal people, :-) 
All of us gave votes from 0-10 to each entry, so the maximum votes is 120. 

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