Sunday, January 29, 2017


Now, writing this annual post isn't easy this year. It seems there isn't any reaction really. Just short articles "Norma John won" and that's it. Some try to make it look like a surprise win even if they have been one of the top favorites from the day one. On top of that Finland's biggest newspaper published an article about UMK in general, a very critical and negative one. One can only wonder what its purpose is.... 
It was great to hear last night on tv in the after show all the other artists seemed sincerely happy for their win and no hard feelings from anyone. Emma, when asked, said she's not disappointed in 3rd place but she's sad and disappointed her performance didn't work out: She says she lost the rhythm when people started clapping their hands, then to make it even worse she missed a line and on top of that her fire torch died. Lauri and Anni were very happy, especially for their 12 points from Sweden and Israel respectively, and for them this is just a start of something else. Just like for Zuhlke.
My First Band were first to congratulate Norma John and didn't seem at all disappointed, even if they were tipped for victory in media. 
And now the comments on social media. As usual they are either way. Those who say it's sh*t and depressing and we will be last again and should drop out completely. The usual nonsense. The other shout for the victory of real music. Classy act we can be proud of. Indeed. 
And now Leena and Lasse has to sit down and start clearing off their calendar as they both have a zillion projects and things to do already planned. 
They say their staging in Kyiv will be similar but bigger yet "music first". They seemed rather surprised and overwhelmed for their victory they didn't expect.

This blogger thinks this season is going to be a good one .... :-)

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