Sunday, January 01, 2017


Here we are. In 2017. After horrible things from Nice to Berlin and other countless ones this year has started with Istanbul. But life goes on, especially inside the Eurovision bubble. A good place to escape to time to time and forget about the rest.....
Last year was very kind to this little blog. Over 500.000 visitors throughout the year without any special lows or peaks. You just keep coming back every month, week and day of the year. I will keep doing my little work to gather together news and gossip, facts and fiction for your entertainment and hope you will like it in 2017 as much as before, and as much as I enjoy doing it. 
It's the year of Kyiv vol.2. After the troublesome start it looks like things are shaping up. The stage designer has been announced and the rest of the work is in progress so there's hope we will get another amazing contest coming up. I have to admit Stockholm 2016 is hard to beat, thanks to the fantastic script by Edward af Sillén for Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede, two marvelous hosts. I hope Kyiv will do their own thing and goes to another direction as nothing could be worse than a pale, unfunny copy of the one before. 
This season's trend seems to be "Let's select the artist internally and announce it, and find the song later" as eight out of the ten known ones are chosen this way! But with January the real national selections will start and from late January until mid March it's going to be busyyyyy.... I'll do my best to keep you updated the best way I can.
So, another year ahead. This blogger pows and thanks you all, and wishes all the good things for each and every reader for the whole year. More glitter and fun, less fear and terror. 

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