Sunday, January 29, 2017


The vinyl albums have been making a comeback for some years now, and I read somewhere they sold globally more than in past 20 years in 2016. Mostly collector's stuff, and those who feel nostalgic for the sound. Oh, those were the days when you played your favorite albums so much they got scratched and jumped here and there and you just knew after awhile where and when and how. That made it your very own version of the song.....
Anyways, recently one has seen some 45 tours, aka 7" singles reappear here and there, once again for collectors and included in special editions.....
And now Sanremo is right at the top of things, hip as one could say. Sony/Warner is making an experiment with their artists in Sanremo and four entries will be released as a limited edition vinyl single, too: Paola Turci, Francesco Gabbana, Alessio Bernabei and Raige ft. Luzi.
How cool is that?

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