Monday, January 16, 2017


Finnish pop superstar Jenni Vartianen and Norwegian teenage sensation Marcus & Martinus are the guest stars at #UMK17 final in Metro Arena, Espoo on January 28. 
Jenni has released three multiplatinum selling albums (two of them #1s) since she went solo. She has also three platinum selling singles (Ihmisten edessä #2, Missä muruseni on #1 and Mä en haluu kuolla tänä yönä #1) and countless other hits. She's been nominated to 13 Emma Awards (aka Finnish Grammys) and won nine of those in various categories from song of the year to album of the year, female artist fo the year, live performer of the year and even video of the year....
She's been having a break and ready for a comeback it seems. If only she was competing.....
Marcus and Martinus are 14-year-old twins. Their career kick started by winning Melodi Grand Prix Junior 2012. Three years later their debut album topped the Norwegian charts, as did its re-release Fan spesial, and their second album few months ago. Their Girls went to #1 and they have four more top-10 hits and their fame has spread to Sweden and Finland, too. Wherever they are, there are also screaming girls. Now also in #umk17

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