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The Ruby Knuckles Sextet is Rhythm and Blues band. The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies is one of the best know burlesque duos. When they joins forces for #UMK17 they become  Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies. The combo gives on stage old school live show where rugged burlesque act meets some B-class strip club lazy blues. Las Vegas meets some smoky speakeasy. Now they will bring their show to #UMK17 stage and we can only wonder how that will end up....
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Knucklebone Oscar (or Oskari Mertamo, a singer-guitarist released his first album already 20 years ago. The latest one and 5th one King of Helsinki was released this year and he also represented Finland in the Blues World Championships in Memphis this year . He's music has changed over the years as has the name of the band he has fronted. Rock'n roll meets r'n'b with a hint of garage rock and punk, "Psyco-blues" and "ADHD-blues" has been said about his music and he's known for energetic live shows and the band is also known to break their instruments - beware of jungle knives, axes and saws!
Tinker Bell and TurrrboCherry form The Ravishing Shangri-Las, one of the best known burleque acts in Finland for already ten years. They have performed also abroad and run their own club, and also have a burlesque school. 
They came together have the ladies appeared in a couple of Oscar's videos. 

So what did our international jury* say about it? Valentina was the only one who liked Caveman, actually this was her favorite! "At least it stands out among the other that become monotonous fairly soon." "Uninteresting in every level. Yawn" commented Jack. "Next, please!" from Robert. This blogger personally also placed this last. Burlesque might be the visual gimmick but then, it's nothing new in Eurovision anymore. We have seen it already. Along with a better song. Also, I want a serious contender, not another joke act this time. As this will be labeled as one for sure. 
For all the others this was last or second to last and sadly they go home with 27/120 points.
Tinker Bell - Burleski
TurrrboCherry - Burleski
Knucklebone Oscar - kitara ja laulu
RK Hillside - urut ja piano
Johannes Salomaa - saksofoni
Sande Vettenranta – rummut

*Valentina (San Marino), Jack (UK), Michele (Sweden/Italy), Markus (Germany/UK), Marco (Italy), Francisco (Spain/Venezuela), 3M (Malta), Robert (Netherlands), 3K (Finland) and Blogilkar (Finland). Most jurors have years of experience inside and outside Eurovision as artist, producer and delegation members. Some are just active fans while 3K are a group of teenagers, non-Eurovision fans who follow it as randomly as any normal people, :-) 
All of us gave votes from 0-10 to each entry, so the maximum votes is 120. 

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