Thursday, January 05, 2017


The rumour is back also this year. The leading lady of the competing tv-company could join forces with Carlo Conti in Rai this year. Usually the other channels have tried to do everything to steal viewers from the festival and even Maria De Filippi has done her best by placing Amici final during the festival at times.
Now, Amici. The talent show of her creation uniting a bit of Idols, X Factor and Got Talent is currently running its 16th season and over the years many artists from there have ended up in Sanremo - to the horror of purists. The fact is the whole top-3 of the last season is in Sanremo: winner Sergio Sylvestere and runner up Elodie amongst the Big, and third placed Lele amongst the Newcomers. 
Previous winners Marco Carta, Valerio Scanu and Emma Marrone have won also the festival and quite a few others have participated. Last year Amici winner Deborah Iurato placed third, and Dear Jack, her runner ups did Sanremo already twice, and their ex-frontman Alessio Bernabei is at it this year again.... Emma is however the only one that have ended doing also Eurovision. So far. 
Alessandra Amoroso (1st), Loredana Errore (2nd), Pierdavide Carone (3rd), Annalisa (2nd), Virginio (1st), Moreno (1st), The Kolors (1st) and Mattia Briga (2nd) are just some other names discovered by Amici di Maria. 
Next week, on January 11, 2017 there will be the first official Sanremo festival's press conference. Maybe the mystery if Sanremo 2017 will be "in united channels" will be solved then. 

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