Friday, January 27, 2017


Lucie Jones won the Eurovision - You decide 2017 aka United Kingdom's national final tonight. A simple classy performance, her alone in a spotlight in a red dress and strong vocals. The song is even co-written by Eurovision winner Emmelie De Forest. Not sure how it will do in Kyiv but it's an elegant choice and so far by far the best entry chosen. Then again, they are only four (4). :-)
Lucie (26) came to attention in X Factor but was voted out as the fifth act in live, knocked out by none other than Jedward. That even included a minor voting scandal. Danyl Johnson was in the same show as well and was the first to jump in and congratulate her on stage. Since then she's been doing major musicals. And now she will sing for the UK in Kyiv Never give up on you

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