Friday, January 06, 2017


The 2016 was rich with Number One songs in the official singles chart. A total of 26 songs made it, and the most remarkable thing is 21 of them were Finnish! Sadly only Finnish (humour) rap though. The foreign number ones go to Alan Walker, Justin Bieber featured by Mazor Laser or DJ Snake, and Clean Bandit & co. 
Elastinen and JVG are featured in four #1's, Mikael Gabriel, Sanni, Cheek and Arttu Lindeman in three and even Nikke Ankara in two. Doesn't leave much for the others. 
Looking at the streaming, download and radioplay charts it's a different story.... Thankfully. 

JVG - Paluu tulevaisuuteen (weeks 1-2)
Alan Walker (feat. Isolin Solheim) - Faded (weeks 3-4-5-6)
Sanni - Että mitähän vittua (weeks 7-8-9)
Cheek - Me ollaan ne,  part 2 (Feat. Elastinen, JVG, Nikke Ankara, Kube, Pete Parkkonen) (weeks 10-11)
Elastinen feat.  Lauri Tähkä - Lempo (weeks 12-13)
Nikke Ankara - Ettei nyt vaan sattuis mitään (week 14)
Eveliina - Sireenit (week 15)
Elastinen feat. Sami Hedberg - Täytyy jaksaa (weeks 16-17)
Petri Nygärd - Pannaan Suomi kuntoon (weeks 18-19)
JVG - Hehkuu (weeks 20-21-22-23-24-25)
Arttu Lindeman - Läikkyy (weeks 26-27-28)
Roope Salminen & Koirat - Snadi (weeks 29-30)
Mazor Laser feat. Justin Bieber & MØ - Cold water (week 31)
Hank Solo (Feat. Sanni & Kasmir) - Söpö (weeks 32-33)
Cheek - All good everything (week 34)
Arttu Lindeman feat. Lucas - Faijas (weeks 35-36)
Dj Snake feat Justin Biener - Let me love you (week 37)
Sanni feat. Paperi T - Oo se kun oot (week 38)
Mikael Gabriel - Pauhaava sydän (Lauri Tähkä cover) (weeks 39-40)
Mikael Gabriel - Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen (hector cover) (weeks 41-41)
Arttu Lindeman - Menee tunteisiin (weeks 43-44)
JVG, Elias Gould, MGI - Revolveri (week 45)
Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - Rockabye (weeks 46-47-48)
Cheek & Elastinen - Profeetat (week 49)
Alan Walker - Alone (weeks 50-51)
Mikael Gabriel - Loistat pimeäs (week 52)

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