Sunday, January 29, 2017


The biggest fan favorite and the winner of the pre-voting - based on audio and video - and also the Finnish Eurovision fan club's fan award, Emma didn't deliver Saturday night in her live show that turned out a mess. The backing vocals were all over the place while Emma was nowhere at times missing a line or two and sounding very confused. To add to the mess her fire torch didn't burn and she was just showing smoke all over the place. Not good. 
She told already in the UMK after show that the audience clapping to the wrong beat in the chorus got her confused. Then the speculation of not working ear monitor started on social medias.....
And later she tweeted this:

Congratulations to the beautiful Duo Norma John Flawless performance and amazing vocals! I'm so proud of Finland! ūüíĖ
And thank you all for your love and support! ūüíĖ Last night I had unfortunately a lot of technical issues with my performance but despite that I ended my song the best way I could! And remember, this is not the end! God only wants another path for me! And I really hope you'll be there with me as well! Rakas, WE are safe in the Circle Of Light! ❤ūüíę

The UMK17 producer Anssi Autio denies there has been any techical problems, with ear monitors or something else. Or no one has reported such. All went as planned and as in rehearsals. He also is very pleased with the show. It was a success. The submissions for the UMK18 is already open. 
And Emma finished third with both international juries and televoters, as well as in the final ranking. 

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