Saturday, January 28, 2017


Finland has its national final #UMK17 tonight in Metro Arena, Espoo. Ten songs participating with guest performances by Norwegian teenage twin sensation Marcus & Martinus, and local megastar Jenni Vartiainen doing a comeback after a little break. Eurovision veteran and Melodifestivalen participant (again) Krista Siegfrids is hosting the show with the help of Mikko Silvennoinen.
For the first time Finland is using the international juries as well, and there are ten of them giving the 50% of the final result: Spain, Iceland, United Kingdom, Israel, Latvia, Norway, France, Sweden, Ukraine and Estonia. Each jury has four members, each using the votes 1,2,4,6,8,10,12 thus leaving three entries with a flat zero. Then the votes are transformed into country's votes the same way (so they divide 43 points. That means the 10 juries will hand out 430 points. 
The same amount will be given using the percentage of the televotes. The final televotes include the pre-votes given online between the end of December and last Thursday. During the show there will be mobile/SMS/online voting as well. Last year that gave seven times more votes than the pre-votes so even if Emma scored well above the others in those, nothing is set yet.... Below is the pre-votes chart.
The show starts 8pm CET, with a pre-show half an hour earlier, and after show right after, making it a 3 hours of fun :-) 

1. Emma: Circle Of Light 30,4
2. My First Band: Paradise 15,0
3. Zühlke: Perfect Villain 12,5
4. Günther & D'Sanz: Love Yourself 8,4
5. Norma John: Blackbird 8,3
6. Club La Persé: My Little World 6,9
7. Alva: Arrows 5,9
8. Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies: Caveman 4,7
9. Lauri Yrjölä: Helppo elämä 4,1
10. Anni Saikku: Reach Out For The Sun 3,8

The running order is:
1. Emma - Circle of light
2. Alva - Arrows
3. Günther & D'Sanz: Love Yourself
4. Anni Saikku - Reach out for the sun
5. Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies: Caveman
6. Norma John - Blackbird
7. Lauri Yrjölä - Helppo elämä
8. Club La Persé - My little world
9. Zühlke: Perfect Villain
10. My First Band - Paradise

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