Friday, January 20, 2017


Belarus will select its entry for Kyiv 2017 Eurovision song contest tonight. There will be a jury-televote deciding on the winner. Several familiar names trying once again, from Nuteki to NAPOLI and Navi. These songs were selected from the 67 submitted entries.
This blogger has no idea who will win. This is Belarus after all. Anything can happen. July, Lexy, Kattie, Nuteki, Angelica... or why not NAVI? Hopefully one of these. Maybe.

20.00 CET here or here

Lexy Weaver - Be Stronger
Vladislav Kurasov - Follow the Play
Isaac Nightingale - On the Red Line
Kattie - Wild Wind
Nuteki - Take My Heart
Nikita Hodas - Voices In My Head
Angelica Pushnova - We Should Be Together
Anastasiya Sheverenko - We'll Be Together
Lermont x Julic - Heartbeat
PROvokatsiya - #mylove

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