Friday, January 27, 2017


Exactly 50 years ago Luigi Tenco committed suicide, on January 17, 1967. After 50 years this is one of the most tragic things ever happened in Sanremo festival. I borrow Wikipedia for this:

In 1967 he took part in the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo. It was rumored, that he participated against his will. The song he presented was "Ciao Amore Ciao" ("Bye Love, Bye"), which he sang together with Dalida. Tenco allegedly committed suicide on January 27, 1967, he was only 28 years old, after learning, that his song had been eliminated from the final competition. Tenco was found by Dalida in his hotel room with a bullet wound in his left temple and a note announcing, that his gesture was against the jury and public's choices during the competition. Only days earlier, Tenco's wedding to Dalida had been announced.

In Sanremo 2013 Marco Mengoni performed this song at Covers night with tears in his eyes and impressed everyone and it may have just nailed her victory in the contest with L'Essenziale....

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