Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Today the Sanremo festival had its first official press conference and Carlo Conti announced Maria De Filippi as his co-hostess. The king od Rai and the Queen of Mediaset will have a joint adventure so get ready for Maria's rolling "r" and very, very deep voice. She's borrowed from the competing channel for free so she doesn't get paid by Rai or the taxpayers. 
Maybe that's why she didn't look very happy today hardly ever smiling and looking rather miserable most of the time....No other hosts or "vallette" will be walking down the legendary staircase, so Sanremo becomes very much like Eurovision with a hosting couple doing the job alone.
The stage (have a look at the video here) is already being built and will be very technological as they are these days giving "each song a different look and feel" so this is also very Eurovision, isn't it? It seems the circle is closing as Eurovision was born from the idea of imitating Sanremo. Over the decades these two festivals went to different directions but Carlo Conti seems to be doing big steps to make them look like one again. Sanremo now imitates Eurovision, also in the elimination procedures a bit. Or Melodifestivalen (among others) actually. There will be ten cameras, four of them remote controlled and 400 people working in the project.
The super guests are previously confirmed Tiziano Ferro, Giorgia who has been to Sanremo three times as Big and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd. That must be some kind of record? Mika will be there following his Italian success after being the X Factor judge and then hosting his own succcesful show on Rai2. Ricky Martin returns to sing for Maria as Conti joked, and then there will be also Rag'n Bone Man. But more names will be added once their contracts have been sorted out. 
For the covers night the Big won't be singing any songs by Luigi Tengo or Claudio Villa to honorate them in some other way during the festival. Three of the covers will be Adriano Celentano songs, two Francesco De Gregori's. Franco Battiato will be covered by Michele Bravi, Anna Oxa by Paola Turci and Gianni Morandi by Raige & Giulia Luzi. 

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